Chunky Silver Acorn Necklace

Curious Magpie Jewellery


Bold and chunky, the Silver Acorn Necklace is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver in our UK studio. Using ancient casting techniques the acorn cap is created from an actual natural acorn and transformed into solid silver. This intricate technique captures every organic detail of the acorn cap and preserves its beauty forever in a piece of jewellery.

The polished acorn is hand formed and attached to the rustic, matte finish acorn cap, creating an unusual, eye-catching pendant.

A charming gift for a daughter, sister, mother or wife this timeless piece is perfect for someone who likes unusual jewellery or simply loves nature and the beauty of the countryside.

Acorn: 925 Sterling Silver
Chain: 925 Sterling Silver Belcher Chain

Size/ Dimensions:
Acorn size: 20mm with x 17mm width
Bail: 2mm width x 10mm length
Chain: links approx 1mm width, 16inch,18inch or 20inch length

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