A Beautiful Boho Wedding

A Beautiful Boho Wedding

On the 31st July 2016 Danielle and James celebrated their wedding #2 (yes that's right, second wedding!) and the naming of the gorgeous little Taylor Sofia.

Although Danielle and James wed last year, as they were set to move to Las Vegas with work their first wedding was organised in just a few weeks and only a few of their friends and family could make it.

A year on and the couple wanted to bring together all their closest friends and family and celebrate the birth of their first child so decided to organise Wedding #2 aka Cotton House Wedding Fest. 


The humanist ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful grounds of Danielle's parents home in rural Leicestershire, complete with hay bale seating and a rose covered arch.

The atmosphere was relaxed and the setting idyllic with a lovely mix of country and bohemian styles. Even the family horses had the important role to play as "bridesmares". 

Danielle looked absolutely stunning in a white lace dress and I was so touched that she chose to wear one of our Curious Magpie Necklaces on such a special day.

After the ceremony,  James held up Taylor Sofia to introduced her to everyone whilst "The Circle Of Life" from the Lion King played through the sound system. Taylor looked slightly bewildered by all the smiling faces and cameras but she was cool as a cucumber and totally owned it. 

After lots of lovely food and drink, dancing, and numerous renditions of Sweet Home Alabama, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset over the corn fields.


Thank you for letting us share such a special day with you and I'm looking forward to Wedding #3!

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