Curious Magpie's new home -The Blue Loft Studio

Curious Magpie's new home -The Blue Loft Studio


I wanted to check in and tell you all a little about the exciting things that have been happening since my last blog post (over a year ago...oops!).

In May 2017 we had a new mini-magpie addition to our family, Matilda Willow, and since then a lot has changed. We took a bit of a break from crafting orders to get to know our little one, which turned from an unrealistic 6week break to  a 9month break (which, in all honesty, flew by). We definitely underestimated the amount of love, time and attention a mini human needs..!

After much thought we made the decision to re-locate our studio from the wonderful E2 Studio in north Leicestershire to our home in south Leicestershire outside Market Harborough. We took on the task of turning our loft conversion into a brand new studio space with both a workshop space to craft orders and an office space for admin.

Our little home studio is now fully up and running and a lovely environment to work in. The room is painted a deep blue which inspired the name, The Blue Loft Studio.

People are often fascinated by the fact that I handmake all the jewellery so here are some images of my workspace to give you a little peek into where your jewellery is crafted :)

Curious Magpie Blue Loft Studio
Tammy (one of our kitty-cats) enjoying chasing flies around the studio.

Curious Magpie Blue Loft Studio

Overhead shot of my workbench (looking very clean for a change might I add).

Curious Magpie Tools

My collection of hand polishing tools - These are used to clean,polish, drill and texuture the jewellery and some are also used to set stones within pieces of jewellery.

Curious Magpie polisher

My faithful Durston Polishing Machine - I wouldn't know what I would do without this guy. I use this to polish and buff the jewellery. It is very fast and hot! 

 Curious Magpie raw Castings

This image show a collection of silver and brass twigs, fresh from casting, in their raw state. They are then cut, formed, shaped, oxidised and polished to create pieces of jewellery.

For more studio pics make sure you follow our Instagram page @curious_magpie_jewellery

Lots of love, Hollie oxox 


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