Brass Twig Necklace

Curious Magpie Jewellery


The Brass Twig Necklace is handmade in our UK studio and created from an actual twig. The solid, gold coloured twig is centred on a delicate sterling silver chain for a contemporary dual-colour look.

Using the ancient craft of Lost Wax Casting each necklace is made from a different twig, meaning that every design will be unique and one of a kind. The twig is oxidised (blackened) and polished to highlight the rustic texture of the bark and gently curved to suit the contours of the necklace perfectly.

Ideal for everyday wear this tactile piece is the perfect gift for a daughter, best friend, girlfriend or any lover of nature and the great outdoors.

Twig: Brass (oxidised and brushed back)
Chain: 925 Sterling Silver
Clasp: 925 Sterling Silver

Size/ Dimensions:
Twig: 2-3mm thickness x 60mm length
Chain: Total necklace length 16inches.

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