Brass Twig Bangle

Curious Magpie Jewellery


Handmade from an actual twig, this brass bangle is solid and substantial and twists beautifully around the contours of the wrist. Formed in an oval shape the bangle is comfortable to wear and looks striking when worn alone or rustic and bohemian stacked with other bangles.

The bangle is made using the ancient craft of Lost Wax Casting. This technique transforms a natural twig into a detailed and solid metal replica which is then formed into a piece of jewellery. The rustic texture of the bark is captured on the surface of the metal which is gently blackened to highlight this detail.

This unusual design is a perfect gift for someone who likes unique jewellery or a lover of the outdoors.

Material: Brass

Size/ Dimensions:
Width of bangle: 2-3mm thickness
Standard Female Size: Internal diameter 65mm

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